I am 47 & started becoming long-sighted. My distance vision is fine & I have never worn glasses or contacts before.

Last year I got reading glasses & these work fine for reading. However I found some situations annoying where I constantly have to take them on & off to read & then talk with people.

I decided to try contact lenses but the experience is not great at all.

My close reading vision is better than nothing, but only about 50% of what the glasses provide, so reading a book is a struggle & not something I would do with them at all.
Generally daily tasks like cooking etc are better, but not really clear. I find everything is slightly blurred now, even my distance vision is worse than before with the contacts in.
The prescription is only for long-sighted (1.5 / 840 / P0.00 / add+mid) so my distance vision should be unaffected, but it is. I am told that is impossible, but that's not what I am experiencing.

If I had to quantify it I would say the close up vision is 50% better than without contacts, & distance vision is 20% worse than without.