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    Hello all I am new to all this not being able to see very well. Sorry I know a lot of you have bad vision and now i can sympathize . I have always had better than 20/15 vision and my distance is still great. ( distance as in more than 100 yard away)

    age is setting in good ol presbyopia is showing the last few years. I got by with readers, but the discrepancy between eyes was getting bigger. so I went and go an eye exam, then went to pearl vision for glasses BIG mistake. but God works in mysterious ways. while I was fighting with pearle I decided to go get a "real" eye exam and to try contacts.

    air optix multi vison. at first it was pretty good. can't feel them n my eyes at all. but i was using revitalens for cleaning and wetting. well the revitalens would not take off my sticky proteins and after 4 days I went back to feet he doctor. he upped my RX and gave me the clear view cleaner the hydrogen peroxide cleaner. that was yesterday for most of the day today I have forgotten that i have contacts in....until i look at that faraway spot that my eyes are still good at focusing.

    I see the doctor tomorrow so I am going to ask him to try and tweak it again a little stronger.. The change from 20/16 to this is huge and I hope i get back to that clarity and crispness with these lenses.

    any feed back?

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    ok just had another adjustment and he changed the contacts some. I can see a lot better close up not perfect like my glasses. but the distance is still off. with out glasses or contacts I can see forever, 700 feet is not a problem but witht he contacts in i can't see 20 feet without it being blurry ....anybody else have this problem>

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    anybody on this board anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slacker361 View Post
    anybody on this board anymore?
    I'm here, I'm here. So how do you like that Clean and Clear cleaner? I've heard a lot of good things about a hydrogen peroxide cleaner called Clear Care. Have you tried that?
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    Hi Slacker --

    I have been reading the board for awhile but have never posted. It is not always very active, which is too bad because I do find it useful to compare experiences.

    I am 52 and have been officially a presbyope since age 45. I have been near sighted since age 13. In the last seven years I have tried about everything. For the first year I wore my old standby daily wear contacts for distance and used reading glasses over those. That eventually drove me crazy because I need to read so much, and it is not a good solution for computer distances.

    Then I went to progressive lens glasses. These work great, as they can accurately correct for everything in glasses. But like many people I prefer contacts.

    Next up were gas permeable rigid contact lenses. These lenses also worked great for vision correction at all distances, since like glasses they can be fine tuned for your vision. But they were never 100% comfortable for me, and after 2 years I discovered that they had changed the shape of my eye significantly. So that experiment ended.

    Next up -- back to a combination of glasses and Air Optix multifocal contacts. My original prescription in Air Optix resulted in fairly good distance vision but fairly mediocre close and medium vision. I read and use a computer all day at work, and the contacts were not good enough to use consistently at work. I ended up wearing glasses most of the time, using the contacts mostly on weekends. My optometrist at the time told me this was the best that could be done.

    A few weeks ago I went to see a new optometrist (long story -- not really new as he had treated the rest of my family for years, and then started his own practice, so I switched over to him too). I told him about my issue with near vision. He kept me in Air Optix but upped the near prescription but decreased the distance prescription (he said my distance vision had actually gotten better, not uncommon with us older presbyopes).

    The result is that my near and medium vision is very good now and I am wearing the contacts full time again. My distance vision is not as sharp as it was in the earlier prescription, but its fine for anything within several hundred feet and acceptable at distances longer than that. Since I am using the near/medium vision 95% of the time, I am ok with the tradeoff.

    Your situation is interesting since you are the opposite of all of us who have distance vision issues. In general, multifocal soft contacts will always involve a trade off between near and distance. In my case, full sharp distance correction makes it difficult to correct near vision to an acceptable level. Indeed, without correction I can see fine to read, although not medium/computer distance. In your case, correcting your near vision appears to be compromising your distance vision.

    To some extent, that is to be expected, but 20 feet sure does not seem right! One would hope your optometrist would be able to fix that. Although my experience has been that to wear the soft contacts you will have to accept some downgrade on your distance vision in order to get the near correction.

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out. I have to say that with the new prescription I am very happy with the Air Optix and pleased to be able to wear contacts again all the time. My optometrist says that Accuvue will be coming out with 1-day multifocal lenses by next year. I look forward to trying those since I have always loved 1-day lenses. That would solve your build-up issue. There is a brand of one day multifocal contacts on the market now but from all I have read they are not recommended.

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    Thanks Jay hawks for that information it really helped. Yeah right now wotht he last adjustment , except for the small astigmatism in right eye and even small in left my up close vision is great..awesome actually. but the distance now over 6 feet is blurry and gets worse the farther out it goes.

    do they have a multi focal with no distance correction at all?

    that would be great. I think my docs next step is to change to mono vision which i am willing to change and give it a try, but one thing that I have notice going through all this, is that i am really sensitive to my eyesight. so i don't know what losing my depth perception would be like or if I could adjust to this.

    Debik... yes I absolutely love the hydrogen peroxide cleaner. being brand new to this, i didn't realize using the revitalens as i took out my lenses from soaking over night, even after rubbing , i thought are they supposed to have that milk film on them. so the doc gave me a trial sample of the clear vision. and if i can get them in on the first try they stay nice and clean ...LOL it is great

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    Quote Originally Posted by DebiK View Post
    I'm here, I'm here. So how do you like that Clean and Clear cleaner? I've heard a lot of good things about a hydrogen peroxide cleaner called Clear Care. Have you tried that?
    H202 is one of the best and most powerful disinfectants around. I wear cibavision air optix aqua lenses on occasion and combined with the clear care system i also use prior to soaking a dialy cleaner, saline rinse, and weekly enzyming. For most people this is not necessary, but my eyes are dry and senstive and i'm a heavy depositor. I need the full system components to maintain my lenses as clean as possible.

    For most people using clear care by itself is sufficient enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slacker361 View Post

    do they have a multi focal with no distance correction at all?

    You could try to use use a +0.00 on the distance.

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