Air Optix multifocal new user
I started in June of this year with contacts as I was tired of drugstore readers for 15 years..Last year I had cataracts removed at age 60
in both eyes two weeks apart and I paid for distance vision correction
and I have 20/15 in both eyes distance.

I asked about contacts for closeup and intermediate vision this summer and tried the mono soft contacts ..I could see up close with the non dominant eye mono contact lens...but it made my great distance vision in the left eye my dominant eye fuzzy..

I tried the aquavue multifocal and it was so thin like saran wrap that it folded up in half then folded over backward on the tip of my finger and I am very detailed and observant and those and the B and L are just too thin to put in my small eyes and too large for my eyes..

i next tried the Bauch and Lomb new multifocal that holds moisture for up to 16 hours..Great wearing them the first day ...but long distance vision was affected and up close could not read a book..however intermediate vision was out of this world WONDERFUL..

The next morning put the B and L lens in for the 2nd time to wear that day and in 30 minutes they stuck to both eye balls! I had to have my husband drive me 90 miles round trip to have the eye doctor remove and he could find one of them crumbled up in the eye hidden and got it out but the other one he could not find..he said it is possible your body will have to spit it out within a week..he had that happen to a patient..........

So with some discomfort I could stand it in 5 days it ejected itself
and I did not see it where it went but it came out on its had lodged
far up left in a cavity type area in the left top corner of the eye ball then worked itself downward I could feel it..

so now I am on my 2nd day of Air optix which are thicker and I can get these in and out a new contact user..My question is how long does it take the brain to find the areas to see up close and intermediate
they say they put in 0 distance in both my air optix multifocal contacts

so I have a pres for up close and perhaps intermediate in both lens now.
It is a mild prescription and I have 20/15 distance from the implants in both eyes..

On my trial pair box of Air Optix multifocal I have on today... it says
one is Med add of +2.00 with- 0.00 and one is High or max add -0.00 with +2.50

I have no experience in reading or understanding how contacts work in power so all I have been able to do is say I can see better in this brand and one you gave me or I can not..I have been back about 7 3 months..

I have some blurring and I use contact lens drops...optifresh and Refresh
contact lens drops once an hour.

I use Clear Care peroxide over night cleaning...

Anyone have any advice as this is my last pair to try they say at the eye doctors office...

does the brain have to find the areas to look out of like it does if one wears progressive eye glasses?

Does anyone know on air optix multifocals where the lines are ...
remember I am suppose to NOT have any correction for distance in this
pair I am wearing...and each contact says -0.00 on it..

I watched the air optix videos and I do not find my answers on my particular situation on their site

I have dry I know I have to use more contact lens drops
and if you have thoughts on which ones you like best please tell me
and best cleaner for clarity for lens cleaners whether clean care or
one you rub on and then put lens in saline over night in the lens case...

thanks sherit