After years, I'm considering a switch from Air Optix Multifocal (alcon / ciba) to Bausch & Lomb Ultra for Presbyopia.

I asked my doc if there were any new lenses I might try, as my near vision is suffering lately. She's trialing the Ultras for me, and I'm experimenting with the prescription a bit. For the first time, considering wearing different prescriptions in right vs. left, though I've never done that before.

Turns out the Ultra's not really new, but I like that the laser markings are DIFFERENT for the different powers - my right eye is -3.5 and it's marked with a "3," and my left lens is a -3.75 and it's marked with a "4" -- so I can't accidentally mix them up.

My near/computer vision is much better this way -- and probably would be if I stuck with the Air Optix in this prescription, as well.

I am considering the switch, though, just because the different scrip for different eyes things really has the potential to mess me up.

Anyone know anything about the Ultras that can add to my decision making process? Any problems (deposits, life, etc.) or rave reviews?