Hi and thanks for accepting me into this forum

I have just started wearing contacts a couple of weeks ago. I went to my local optician with the following prescription

Right eye sph 1.50 cy 1.00 axis 180 +1.74 add

Left eye sph - cyl 1.25 axis 10 +1.75 add

The optician said that I could make do with one contact for my left eye for short sightedness.

It was OK but not amazing and sometimes not very good. I wore them for about two weeks and then went for my check up.

I went back today and saw another optician . He thought it strange that I was only wearing one contact, and as I was right handed my dominant eye should be my right eye, not my left. He made me point a finger at a letter on the chart and do the test to confirm that my dominant eye is my right eye

He has now changed my contacts to two contacts and said that I should see a lot better.

I am really a bit confused. I don't really want to wear two contacts if possible but would do if needed. Which solution would be the best, the first or the secpond.

Many thanks for your time