Hi, my eye doc recently changed me over to toric lens due to a astigmatism. He gave me the biofinity toric lens @ +2.00.. My problem is finding the little line on them that goes to the bottom of my eye. I can't see the little line to save my life, tried with my glasses on, using a flashlight, using a flashlight and a magnifying glass, but still can't see it most of the time. I got lucky yesterday and was able to find the marks after about 15 minutes.. Today, no luck at all , I finally just put them back in the solution and wore my glasses.
Tonight I had my wife look at them.. She can see good , lol.. Well, she had a heck of a time finding the mark to. Took her 5 minutes using a flashlight etc.
surely there's a better way than this.. Anybody have any tips, or maybe can tell me an easier way to install them correctly?