I had never been able to get contacts that fit correctly until I found a better optometrist and Biofinity Energys lenses - all of the ones I tried before seemed to go blurry every time I blinked, but these seem to really fit and have finally given me an option to glasses.

Unfortunately, I've developed a number of eye infections from things like not cleaning them adequately after dropping them on the sink. I realize that better care and handling is important, but I'd also like to reduce the risk further by moving to daily lenses.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable daily lens to try? Or, even, how to go about selecting? Since the fit on these is so noticeably different from others that I've tried, I assume that looking for something with the same base curve and diameter would help, as well as an aspheric design, but don't know how much of a factor those things are compared to the material.

Any suggestions? I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but it kind of crosses the monthly and daily topics, so I thought I'd start here!