I've bought peroxide system for the first time from Alcon (ClearCare) and after doing a bit of research, OxySept from AMO works a bit different using neutralization pills so it takes longer for peroxide to neutralize, prolonging exposure to peroxide and improving disinfection (in theory at least).


But this isn't the question, as you can see from the graph, ClearCare supposedly only takes 20 minutes to get neutralized. The question is, why is there a need to keep it 6 hours in the lens case if it neutralizes in 20 minutes?

I'd assume you could wait 20 minutes for bubbles to stop, then help the thing mix around better by shaking it so you mix and move the fluid more through lenses and through the platinum neutralizer below and it should be ready to wear in 30 minutes from start of the cleaning to insertion.

I know there is a question of PPM of remaining active peroxide, but has this ever been tested how those extra 5 hours and 40 minutes affect the neutralization process with ClearCare? Is difference in PPM between both scenarios negligible or is it pretty high?