Hi all, this is my first time here and I'm looking for advice on the above.

I'm a long time contact lens wearer and have been interested in colored contacts. Unfortunately I have a toric lens prescription and, as many of you are aware, colored toric lenses are difficult to source as most of the reputable manufacturers (Air Optix, Freshlook etc) no longer make these.

Recently, I bought a spherical colored lens to try, and worked out the spherical equivalent. My regular toric lens has the following prescription:

Power -5.50
Sph -8.00
Cyl -1.25
Ax 110

Working out the spherical equivalent, and rounding, I came up with -8.5. The highest power I can find for colored contacts is -8 so the lens I bought reflects this. While wearing this lens in my left eye (and my right eye lens as well) I'd say I have 80-90% of my normal vision. There's a little blurriness and objects have a somewhat blurred edge on the left side of my vision.

If I change the power to -7.5 or -7.0, is it possible this blurriness would be reduced?