Hi Everyone,

Iím a recently turned 34 year old guy who has been wearing Acuvue Oasys contact lenses almost full time for over 13 years without any issues at all. Sometimes I even used to sleep in them.

In January this year I started swimming in a chlorinated pool every 2-3 days. The first time I swam I carelessly kept my contacts in and some water got under my goggles. A few hours later my eyes began to hurt and I took my contacts out immediately. I realised that I should never have swam in them in the first place, and from that point onwards I always took my contacts out before swimming.

However since that day, whenever I went swimming again my eyes would always start to hurt when I reinserted my contacts afterwards. This seemed to happen whether I inserted them immediately afterwards, hours or even days later. It didnít seem to matter..pain and discomfort would follow.

I have not been swimming at all in over a month; yet, the same problem persists whenever I try to wear contact lensesÖ Pain and discomfort after about 30 minutes that gradually gets worse.. Itís almost like a feeling of pressure that builds up the longer I wear them, but there seems to be no redness or visible irritation.

Yesterday I had my eyes thoroughly examined by my optometrist (a new one) who informed me that my eyes are in good health but that they are very dry and that they must have been this way for a long time.. Iím not sure if this correct as as I said earlier, this problem only started a couple of months ago and I have never experienced any dry eye symptoms before.. I have never even used lubrication/dry eye drops before as my contacts were always comfortable enough as they were. I have also tried using a number of different brands and types of contacts including daily lenses but nothing seems to help.

I feel as if somehow the chemicals in the pool have damaged my eyes as it seems just too much of a coincidence for me to go from wearing contacts very regularly to suddenly not being able to wear them for even an hour without discomfort.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what has happened and if this problem can somehow be rectified? Would seeing an ophthalmologist be a good idea? The thought of never wearing contacts again is a bit depressing as I am so used to them and do not like how I look in glasses.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.