I have been trying to wear contact lenses on and off for nearly 20 years, and each time i tryI have given up after a few weeks because of my astigmatism. Initially all seems OK but over a period of time things go blurry and no matter what i try (blinking, drops, moving it) it never stays clear. So then I give up, then a new optician will say things have moved on, so i try again and have many many many visits again give up! The optician says the lens is not sitting right but when they check it at fitting etc... its always right. but it never stays like that

I don't want to wear contact all of the time - I spend most of my day programming computers and am more comfortable in glasses for this. But when Im out cycling, walking etc... i would like to wear lenses.

I keep saying to my optician could i try a non toric lens that does not correct my astigmatism but they won't do it! I am considering buying a standard spherical lens online (the same type as in my non astigmatism eye) and see how it goes. If I was to do this could i just order lenses ignoring the cylinder & axis values. Before everyone starts saying I shouldn't do this I understand the risks, but I am want to try it to see if I can tolerate this more than the other! If I can I will go back to optician again and tell them what I have done!

My prescription is

sph = -0.75
cyl = -2.00
axis = 180