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Anisometria- iseikonic lens? Shaw lens?

This is a discussion on Anisometria- iseikonic lens? Shaw lens? within the ECP Corner forums; Hello, My prescription 25 yrs ago was approx -7.5 and -9.5 . After RK in ...

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Old 03-05-2015, 10:04 AM
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Default Anisometria- iseikonic lens? Shaw lens?

My prescription 25 yrs ago was approx -7.5 and -9.5 . After RK in 1989 I enjoyed good vision for nearly 20 years. Started glasses again in 2009.

Scrips have been approx -0.5 and +3 the past couple of years. I have dealt with non optimal glasses because of the diopter difference resulted in significant anisometria. So the right eye scrip could not be fully filled. The image size difference btw the lenses was too great.

Had Shaw lenses in 2013 which resulted in very nice correction. Glasses destroyed in 2014 and I have been using my back-up glasses.

Getting around to new frames and lenses and I have questions. >>>>>>>>

Dealing with some chain optometrist shops over the years and lately independent shops. No one ever mentioned iseikonic lenses. In 2013 browsing a nearby shop I saw the Shaw lens literature, bought a pair and was very happy. Noticed that I no longer GREATLY favored my left eye. Vision , esp when reading, was much more binocular and eyes seemed to have less strain. VERY HAPPY with them!

So the general term for lenses to correct anisometria is "iseikonic"?

A shop can specify iseikonic lenses and get a fully corrected prescription set of lenses rather than under correct one eye?

Any reason this is not more frequently offered as an option? (maybe it IS suggested elsewhere and I just have had poor customer service?)

Shaw is a branded/ patented type of iseikonic lens?

Any comments on iseikonic lenses in general. Insurance coverage changes may now affect some of my choices and I am looking for more info.

Thanks for any info.
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