I had this one and teh SOP ddnt work. if anything it made it worse. Because it looks so similar or even mimics Pink eye, it can be mistreated. the main differentiation is the needle shard discharge from the eye.
The discharge creates needle like coverings over the eyelashes that act like extra sharp needles that irritate the eye.

Another problem is that the pateint is very photo sensitive and eyes are literally glued shut. The use of Ointments makes the condition worse.
the eye has to be dry. Bendryl didn't work as well as Dimetapp pills. Dr. Stephen Bencho and myself came up with a new treatment that resolved a two week standard treatment which was worsening into a four day alleviate and one week recovery with only minimal scarring.

Keep the eye dry as possible. Using antihistamines orally every three to four hours works best. Washing teh eye with a lukewarm bath of clean gauze and a biohazard disposal bag is a must. If the warm gauze in replaced in the water the water is no contaminated and must be discarded. so clean gauze is a must.
Followed after cleaning with Standard Visine. Keeping the eye clean by flooding the eye with Visine is a must. It removes minute particles from inside the eyelid.

Just a heads up on it ad while you may never see this, if a patient has recurring or non resolving Pink eye consider Infectious conjunctivitis.

Julia Sherman DN< rPhT, AHMA