So first I want to say that I do not know what brand of lenses I have because I went with my mom to get them and she has all the paperwork I believe. Iím 21 years old and, after not wearing contacts or glasses for years, I finally got contacts again. When I had contacts as a kid I had soft ones and I didnít stick to a routine and so I never stuck with them. Now I have RGP lenses and they are very clear when theyíre not problematic (or reacting to some kind of problem with my eyes maybe) but theyíre foggy so often. I donít know why. Some days are better but at best they still annoy me. Also, my eyes are pretty red on the bad days and a little more than I remember them being before contacts on the good ones. When I say red, I donít mean like people think Iím high, but I mean that there are red veins and Iím worried that isnít healthy. I havenít been able to register on this site because I would never get a confirmation email until recently, so it took me a while but I finally [I]thought[I] I found a solution, which was clear care contact solution. I thought that was better but it still hasnít been perfect, and now is just he third day of using it and itís been bad today. Before, with Boston Simplus, there were foggy clouds that would persist, and those clouds have gone away but the dryness and general foggyness is still there. Eye drops work for only about 3 minutes. Iíve had these contacts since October and Iím really getting annoyed. I donít know if itís unsafe to keep using these, but if not I will wait until this October to talk to my eye doctor since I donít want to go through a whole troubleshooting process when the yearly appointment is only two months away and I will probably just request different lenses if I canít figure this out before then. Itís like I have dry eye or something but I donít believe I do because I really have no eye problems other than poor vision when Iím not wearing contacts. So to sum it all up; I thought I was allergic to Boston simplux but Iím still having problems after switching to clear care. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I havenít found any info online other than the clear care suggestion. Also, I purposely once every ~3 seconds so I donít think thatís the problem. Thanks!