Hi, all!...so yes, I'm new in this forum and I'm so glad I found it. I'm a natural medium hazel light brown+yellow-greenish eyed girl. I've been in a journey to find my perfect contacts lenses to enhance my eyes. I've waste money and haven't find my perfect contacts yet. My latest acquisition (and the most expensive yet) are a pair of Solotica hidrocor rio buzios, which cost me $85 dollars...I received them yesterday and felt so disappointed!...I was looking for a subtle change, I though (by the reviews) that these would enhance and makes my eyes looks green but not soo green. I watched many reviews on youtube of people trying the buzios they looks like a very natural green on them. It must be because of my eyes, but the buzios on me looks LIGHT GREEN, however they looks beautiful and very natural but they were like "too much" and I don't want people asking me about the dramatic change of my eyes color. I only tried them for 10 minutes, I've to say that this are my very first soloticas contacts, and I also felt like they were to "heavy for my eyes" because I'm not used to wear those kind of contacts. I've only wore hidrogel contacts which are very thin and light. Now I have a $85, 98% new pair of solotica just there in a box. Sorry I didn't even took photos.

The ones that I'm wearing day by say are the Adore bi tone yellow, and to be honest I think they looks a little be "artificial" on me, it blends well with my natural eyes color but I would like something more natural. I'll take photos later of my natural eyes and the bi tone yellow and post them here.

Hope we can share advices and experiences.