. . . of the Number One Brand of Disposable Contact Lenses for Real-Time Performance Management

Parsec Automation Corp. (Parsec), the leading provider of real-time performance management (RPM) and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI), today announced that it has signed a second agreement with a world's leading manufacturer of disposable contact lenses. The agreement provides access to TrakSYS(TM) and is worth over US$140,000; when fully implemented the value is worth over US$700,000. The transaction includes licenses, maintenance and services. The licenses will be used on two critical production lines at their southeast operations.

"This is the second large deal in just one month that includes our TrakSYS(TM) product offering," said Eddy Azad, President and CEO, Parsec. "The demand for real-time performance management solutions is constantly increasing. In this case, the customer's previous success with Parsec tools was a key factor in the decision to implement TrakSYS(TM)."