First post here, hope I'm not doing something wrong

I have been wearing monthly disposable lenses for years now, around 5 if I had to guess. Never really had problems with them, apart from dry eyes. now recently I ran into a problem, my left lens felt like falling out when I blinked. I guess it was just a bad lens and I put another one in and it had exactly the same problem immediately. I went through 4 lenses for my left eye, and they all felt like that, some immediately, for others the problem came after about 4 days. It's really unbearable. I have vacation now and decided to take a two week break from contact lenses. My optician recommended to put a warm moist towel on my eyes before sleeping, I' tried that for a few days but I didn't really feel Improvement. In a few days my vacation is over and I'm going to start wearing my lenses again, for the last days I'm going to apply the warm towel and hope for the best. Does anyone have an idea what this might be?

Any help is really appreciated, I'm kinda worried this will be the end of the road for my contact lenses and I'll have to wear glasses