Hello, my first post here. I use Alcon's O2 Optix contact lenses and replace them once a month (as recommended by my doctor). Looks like O2 optix has been replaced by AirOptix in many countries, but they are still available here in India. Yesterday when I inserted them, they looked fine and felt fine. After about 6 hours, I felt a sharp pain (like a pin-prick) in my right eye and removed the contact lens. There was a small tear at the edge on the lens.

This is weird because the lens was fine when I inserted it, and I did not touch my eyes at all after inserting the lenses. So a perfectly fine lens was inserted in, and with no external pressure (other than the pressure of my eyelids while blinking) it ripped. I've been using contacts for a very long time (15.5 years now), and this is the first time a lens has ripped inside my eye (at times they tear while cleaning, but never when they're in my eyes).

My doctor has recently switched lens brands on me (from CooperVision Frequency55 to Alcon O2 Optix). Are these new lenses inferior in quality? What could cause a lens to rip inside your eye even if you're not touching it? This is dangerous!

PS: The lens wasn't at the end of its 1 month life, I've used it for 8 days before it ripped.