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  1. Pencil Exercise Hold a pencil arms length in...

    Pencil Exercise

    Hold a pencil arms length in front of you. Really focus on the tip of that pencil. Once you have it focussed, very slowly move it towards you whilst still maintaining the focus....
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    just get contacts they can probably do to...

    just get contacts they can probably do to different prescriptions on each eye.
    You could have lazy eye im no doctor but i suggest you see a doctor about this before it gets a carrot
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    one of your eye is short sighted, another is...

    one of your eye is short sighted, another is far-sighted. there is a bit of differences in term of prescription of both of your eye, and you generally need to concerntrate hard to keep it single due...
  4. Simply speaking 6/12 Eyesight means you can see...

    Simply speaking 6/12 Eyesight means you can see things at 6 meters distance what a person with normal eyesight can see from 12 metrs distance
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    Hi, Unfortunately many coloured lenses are...


    Unfortunately many coloured lenses are only available in - powers. The Soflens Natural Colours is the only lens with an 8.4 B.C size.

    The Expression colours and accents are available in +...
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    The Freshlook Colourblends or Colours show quite...

    The Freshlook Colourblends or Colours show quite well on all coloured eyes. If you went for "blue" which is the lighter of the blue's, this could possibly make your eyes ligher.
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    Hi, Unfortunately we no longer sell the UV...


    Unfortunately we no longer sell the UV lenses or know where to get them from. Many manufacturers stopped making them due to wearers swapping these with eachother causing a spread of eye...
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    With toric lenses the prescription that you have...

    With toric lenses the prescription that you have for glasses may not be exactly the prescription that you need to order for toric lenses. The lenses can rotate on the eye, both clockwise and anti...
  9. The Expression colours and Images colours are the...

    The Expression colours and Images colours are the best lens for changing your eyes dark brown. There is some clear patches around the centre of the coloured lens to allow for the pupil to dilate, the...
  10. Dark Brown eyes - has anyone tried violet lenses?

    Sorry if this question has been asked before but I'm new to both the forum and wearing contact lenses!
    I have very dark brown eyes and am currently wearing freshlook colour lenses in Sapphire Blue...
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    Snake Eye Contacts HELP!

    Hey, I'm new here, but I really need help. I bought yellow snake eye contact lenses from Eyecassions, which aren't prescribed, wren't made for my eyes, ect. They're fine, I can put them in, take them...
  12. Dark brown eyes Need advice about Softlens Natural Colour

    Hello every1,
    I'm looking for some advice about the B&L Softlens Natural Colour lenses (16 per box). My eyes are of a very dark brown colour and most lenses dont make any change to my eyes. I have...
  13. Colorblends Green and B&L Softlens Platinum pictures

    Well I just recieved both my Colorblends green and B&L Platinum today. The green is more of a hazel with green tint (in the sunlight) and just a light brown with regular lighting. It's good if your...
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    Grey colored con

    among all this>freshlook colorblend grey/B&L platinum/acuvue 2 grey n biomedic 55 grey, which one is the best? plz recommend me one with the best look, best price n comfy. thanks
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