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    Sticky: Sure Enough

    Yup. That's Venus and Europa, all right.
  2. Sticky: Is That All?

    Is this a list of every Optometry School in the United States?

    Well, not THIS list that I've shortened, I mean the original list.
  3. Making it International

    Thanks for reminding us Yanks that the way that they do things in America is not the only way. We need that sometimes. :)
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    Wow. With all that equipment I'm surprised you...

    Wow. With all that equipment I'm surprised you haven't heard anything yet.
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    Chances Are Excellent For a Favorable Outcome

    CousinMuscles has a good screen name, but for a contact lens/sunglasses/eyeglasses forum, "20/20" is hard to beat.

    I found another site for you to check out. It's called It's set...
  6. Maybe Monovision Isn't Doing It For You

    How's it going, Oldage? It's been a while since we've heard from you and you've already got some replies. Did they help you at all?

    Reading your post, it seems as though your vision becomes...
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    A Brief History of Soft Contact Lenses

    According to the contact lens timeline at, soft contact lenses were introduced in 1971, and then they were approved for overnight wear in 1981. So there was a period of about...
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    If you work someplace where you have contact with...

    If you work someplace where you have contact with the public, then I would definitely go get the pink eye treated.
  9. Thread: Cheapest

    by Bpiper

    Spend Your Money Wisely

    Bensica, I was just about to say the same thing.

    Pheinbaugh2, if you want to cut corners to save money, lay off the Starbucks and the premium gasoline. Don't skimp on your contact lenses. It will...
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    Hi mema, and welcome to Thank you for...

    Hi mema, and welcome to Thank you for posting that picture. You've got beautiful brown eyes. I'm afraid I don't know very much about Solotica lenses, except that almost every new post these...
  11. The Ring Makes the Difference

    I have to say that although both lenses are beautiful, I like the Natural Colors better. just because of the dark ring around the edge. They give the lenses a nice "pop." Other than that they're very...
  12. I did a search for Jalapenos Tangerine and didn't...

    I did a search for Jalapenos Tangerine and didn't see any sunglasses but I did find this: A Tangerine Spinach Omelet with Jalapenos. Bon appétit!
  13. Every time I think of a man wearing white...

    Every time I think of a man wearing white sunglasses, I think of either Elton John or this guy:
  14. Head-Scratcher

    That's a good question K-9. My only guess would be that heads don't come in as many sizes as bodies. If you've ever gained or lost a lot of weight, you may have noticed that you may need to by...
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    I Can Tell You About Escondido

    I don't know much about the sunglasses, but I can tell you this much:

    "Settled in a long valley in the coastal mountains of Southern California, Escondido, which means 'hidden' in Spanish, lies...
  16. Dream On, Dream On, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . . .

    Yikes. That's not a very flattering picture of Steve Tyler, is it?

    Thanks for keeping me company.
  17. The Question is Still Out There

    Does anybody know anything about this?
  18. Justice is Slow

    Yeah, I saw that final episode and said "Finally they go to jail!"
  19. Ah, so you spotted them then. Good job.

    Ah, so you spotted them then. Good job.
  20. Hands Off the Lenses

    Wow. That's a really big pair of sunglasses. Too bad that lady is getting fingerprints all over them!
  21. So far no one has taken the challenge, it seems.

    So far no one has taken the challenge, it seems.
  22. Hold it There, Brown Eyes

    Since my last posting I was able to do a little more research and I found an interesting "abstract." It came to the opposite conclusion:

    Iris color and cataract: the Blue Mountains Eye Study.
  23. I'll Do My Best

    I've never heard that, FaceofBoe, but that doesn't mean it's not true. In fact, it kind of makes sense that brown eyes are better in strong sunlight because I'm pretty sure that brown color comes...
  24. Where's My Conversion Chart?

    Well, Captain, the only way I know of to check UV protection level is to a) take them to your eye doctor for testing, although you will probably have to buy them first. Or b) buy some kind of gizmo...
  25. Interesting question, Mop Jockey. I've never...

    Interesting question, Mop Jockey. I've never heard of hiding your gray with sunglasses. I suppose it's like the "vertical lines are slimming" philosophy. Maybe the sunglasses create a sort of optical...
  26. Can We Get a Bigger Picture?

    I don't believe it. SteveKemp, I think you attached the only picture of these Chesterfield Dynamic/S sunglasses in the entire Internet. If there's another picture, I can't find it.
    The picture you...
  27. Sexy Shades

    Me, personally, I think a woman's eyes are sexy, so sunglasses covering them makes them less so. It's not that I think sunglasses are ugly. They can make a woman look very attractive, but if I see a...
  28. There's That Verb Again

    I'm not familiar with Mr Z's work, but I bet he's not opposed to using the word "bang" as a verb.
  29. Overstaying Their Welcome

    Thank you for answering my question, petlover1. Is this build-up of vitamins that are not excreted an issue with any other types of vitamins, or just the fat soluble ones? Water soluble vitamins such...
  30. Wow. Do a Google search for "bangs" and you'll...

    Wow. Do a Google search for "bangs" and you'll see all kinds of catty comments about celebrities with bangs and the girls who rag on them. Mercy.

    You may also find that the word "bang" is...
  31. I don't wear Ann Klein glasses. To be honest, I...

    I don't wear Ann Klein glasses. To be honest, I don't know what brand they are. Like you I'm nearsighted and wear my glasses only for seeing anything out of arm's reach. If I'm reading or working on...
  32. Stylish Anne Klein AK 8070 Eyeglasses

    Yes, I think you've got it right. As you said, they're "stylish, but not to be taken lightly" . . . like the women who wear them.
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    Hmmm . . . I guess I haven't given much though to...

    Hmmm . . . I guess I haven't given much though to this "important issue." My glasses are rectangular in shape, so they probably don't cover my eyebrows. I don't have a mirror handy, so I don't know...
  34. Because It's an Anne Klein, Silly

    Why pay extra for a name? I don't know, Jaws. Perhaps it's a desire to reward a designer for a job well done.
    Maybe it's because certain designers prepare their designs with more care than...
  35. TheraTears. Is that a capsule or eye drops?...

    TheraTears. Is that a capsule or eye drops? Sounds like something you swallow since you said you've been "taking TheraTears for a few months." "Taking: rather than "using" means it's probably a...
  36. Thanks for the reply, jbekkaz. How have things...

    Thanks for the reply, jbekkaz. How have things been going with you and your contacts lately? Do they still go fuzzy after a few hours?
  37. Abba 701 Eyeglasses - "Adding" to Your Glasses Collection

    Let's say your prescription for your glasses looks something like this:

    "OD: -2.00 – 0.50 x 180
    OS: +1.00 DS
    ADD: +1.75 OU"

    Now let's simplify things and just concentrate on the number...
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    A-List 33 Eyeglasses Poll

    I've got a question for you. I'd like to know a little bit about the people who post stuff on Lens 101. I want to know about your eyes. Do you wear A-List glasses because you're near-sighted or...
  39. Can A-2 High Impact SG403T Eyeglasses Be Bifocal?

    Can you take these glasses here and make bifocals out of them? Is there anything special you should look for in a pair of glasses frames that would indicate that they would be good (or bad)...
  40. Try A & A Optical London Eyeglasses Before You Buy

    I read an article recently written by a golfer. He said that before you spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair of sunglasses, you should take a walk outside or even try a few putts before you slap...
  41. Soflens 59 Contact Lenses Good Value For Your Money?

    Those of you who wear or have worn Soflens 59 contact lenses, would say that they give you a good value for your money?
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    SofLens 38 Feels "Soggy"

    Have you ever heard a contact lens being described as "soggy?" Have you ever experienced a "soggy" contact lens?
  43. Focus Monthly Visitint - Foreign Body Sensation

    What does it mean when you always feel like there's something in your eye when you wear contact lenses? (Besides the contacts, of course!) Is that a symptom of infection, does it mean the lens...
  44. How is the Visual Clarity with Natural Touch Opaque

    These are vial contact lenses and as such they are rather expensive. Mostly because, with proper care, they can last a year.
    How is the visual clarity when you wear Natural Touch? Can you see for...
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    Acuvue Advance Lens Lets in 5x More Oxygen?

    Do Acuvue Advance really let in five times more oxygen than Acuvue contact lenses? Five times?
  46. Monovision's Better than Bifocals - Isn't it Boys and Girls?

    Have you found that going the monovision route can be much better than wearing bifocal contact lenses? Tell us about it.
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    UltraFlex 55 Drying During Installation

    When you are putting in your UltraFlex 55 contact lenses, do they burn if you take a little too long and the contact lens dries before you can put it in?
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    Over Ripe Biomedics 55 Premier Contact Lenses

    Ever wonder what Biomedics 55 Premier contacts look like past their two week life span?

    According to the article I read, the blue Visitint turns gray. Yuck.
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    SofLens One Day Red, But Not Sore

    What do you think about contact lenses that make your eyes red and bloodshot by the end of the day, but they're not sore? Your eyes don't hurt, but everyone you meet keeps saying "Dude! Why are your...
  50. Focus Monthly Soft Colors and Air Conditioning

    Does air conditioning make Focus Monthly Soft Colors kind of sticky and hard to get out of your eyes?
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    Rubbing Focus 1-2 Week Visitint

    When you clean a contact lens by rubbing it, does that damage or weaken it in some way that will make it fail sooner?
  52. How Long Does Frequency 55 Aspheric Stay Comfortable?

    Can you wear these into the evening without feeling like you want to pull them right out as soon as it's quitting time at work?
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    Precision UV Breaks in the Eye

    Have you ever had a Precision contact lens fall out of your eye suddenly and when you look at it, it's in two pieces?
    How does that happen?
  54. Do 1 Day Acuvue Moist Contacts Resist Protein Deposits?

    One person said that she likes wearing 1 Day Acuvue Moist contacts because she can wear them all day without their getting cruddy. Is there some kind of special coating on these that helps them...
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    Acuvue Oasys Rebate

    Does Acuvue have a rebate program for their Oasys contact lenses? Does anybody know the details?
  56. Can Sport Contact Lenses Be Worn When You're Not On the Playing Field?

    Can you wear tinted sports contact lenses just for day-to-day activities like yard work or going shopping?
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    O2 Transmission - Night & Day vs Purevision

    When comparing Purevision and Night & Day contact lenses, which one has a better oxygen transmission?
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    Focus Dailies 30 Foreign Object Sensation

    Have you ever put in your Focus Dalies contact lenses and felt like there was something in your eye? Then when you take the contact lens out and inspect it, there's nothing there, but the feeling...
  59. Soflens 66 Toric Contact - Two Weeks Or One Month?

    According to an article I read just now, some eye doctors tell their patients that they can wear Soflens 66 Toric contacts for a month, even though the manufacturer says 1-2 weeks. Should you believe...
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    Do Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors Fade?

    Do the colors fade from Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors contact lenses fade after a while? Is there anything you can do to preserve the coloring?
  61. Frequency 55 Toric Contact Very Stable and Comfortable?

    I've heard it said (I think on this very site.) that Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses are very stable and comfortable. One of those contacts that makes people say "I forgot I was wearing them."
  62. Vertex Toric Contact Lenses Cylinder Measurement

    I read someplace that your cylinder measurement can be written as either a positive number or a negative and it doesn't matter. How can that be?
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    Coopervision Xcel Toric??

    Have you heard about Coopervision Xcel Toric? There's no section for it here in Lens 101, and about all I know about it is that it's similar to Frequency 55 Toric contacts.

    Anybody know anything...
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    Frequency 55 Toric Blurrs When You Blink

    Has anybody noticed that sometimes when you wear your Frequency 55 contacts things sometimes get blurry when you blink? Then you blink again and it clears up. Does this happen with other contacts,...
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    That's a good idea. Saline solution is specially...

    That's a good idea. Saline solution is specially formulated to be like the water in your own body, so there's no reason why clean saline should hurt once it has rinsed away the cleaning solution.
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    Contact Lenses and Allergies

    No, your eyes will itch more because of the extended wear, but you won't suddenly become more sensitive to the things you already react to.

    You may also have to contend with the dreaded GPC, the...
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    Symptoms of Over Use In Acuvue 2

    Acuvue 2 contact lenses can be worn for two weeks without a problem, but suppose you get a bit lazy and wear them a little longer? Are there any warning signs that tell you you've had your contacts...
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    I've heard about that. You may want to try Aquify...

    I've heard about that. You may want to try Aquify or Aospet solution instead and see what happens.
  69. Is There Still a Chance of Infection with Night and Day Contacts?

    Focus Night and Day are contact lenses that are specifically designed to be worn all the time. "Night and day," if you will. :)

    I heard that if you don't want to sleep in this contact lens, it...
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    GPC With Monthly Contact Lenses?

    If you wear monthly contact lenses, is it possible to develop GPC after several months of wear?
    I don't mean the same pair of contacts, of course. I mean wearing one pair per month for, say, six...
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    Is it Safe to Buy Contact Lenses On Line?

    I've looked at a few contact lens websites and found that their prices are quite low sometimes. Naturally I'm beginning to wonder if there's a "catch." Are the contacts cheaper because they are of...
  72. Eyes Burning and Itching at First, Then They're Fine

    Why would contacts be painful and itchy right when you put them in, but then be fine ten minutes later? I always thought that if you're having a problem with contact lenses, then the symptoms should...
  73. Another Question about Rubbing Your Contact Lenses to Clean Them

    There seem to be quite a few questions and comments here asking "To rub, or not to rub?" I've come to the conclusion that rubbing contacts is a good thing. I still have a couple of questions, though....
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    Different Brands in Each Eye

    I read something about a guy who tried both Acuvue 2 and Oasys and wound up with his eye doctor prescribing one brand for each eye. Is anyone reading these words through two different brands of...
  75. Multi-Focal Contacts Blurry at Near, Mid- and Far Distances

    Is it normal to have trouble focusing at at any distance with multi-focal contacts? Sometimes people can see near, but not far, and vice versa, but what if things are fuzzy at all these distances? Is...
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    Which Monovision Lens is Which?

    Thanks a lot, Sir Robin. That makes sense. Have a good day.
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    Which Monovision Lens is Which?

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all having a nice 2008 so far.
    I have a question about monovision contacts. I don't wear them myself, but I know that monovision contacts are different in each eye, and...
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    Color Contact General Info

    I'm just here looking for some general information about color contact lenses. What is the difference between color contact lenses and clear contacts (besides the color)? Can you see through the...
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