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I'm just a happy customer that has an option for these colored lenses again and wanted to let all the other people out there with astigmatism that used to have Toric Colored Lenses and have been looking for a replacement. I used to wear the FreshLook ColorBlends Toric Lenses and since they discontinued them I never found a replacement. I was always reluctant to purchase them from overseas companies like many others have had after reading so many people didn't have much luck with the way they were fitting and felt. Many of these overseas companies offered no returns. I did not want to spend money with no guarentees. Every few months I would search the internet to see if any companies offered these contacts again and lone behold last week I found one. BUT unfortunetly they are not offering these lenses in PLUS POWER (which is what I need) yet so I have to wait some more time. Was told it could be 6 months to a 1 year maybe for PLUS POWER to be released. You can find further down in this post the parameters that they offer now. They are just getting into the market and my doctors office had no idea what I was talking about when I inquired about them (even though on their website they use to purchase contact lenses shows that it is available to order). I contacted another office in my town and they too had no idea about these lenses.

Since Freshlooks discontinued their toric colored lenses a company has finally been approved by the FDA and has colored toric lenses available for purchase now!

They are called TORIColor from a company named PolyDev (Based out of Ireland) partnered with X-cel Speacialty Contacts.

X-cel has been offering:

Extreme H2O 54% Toric LC - CLEAR
Extreme H2O 54% Toric MC - CLEAR
Extreme H2O 59% Toric XRP - CLEAR

and NOW


Low Cylinder: (-0.65D)
Sphere Powers: Plano to -4.00
0.25 steps Plano to -2.50
0.50 steps -2.50 to -4.00
Axis: 15-90-180

Mid Cylinder: (-1.25D)
Sphere Powers: Plano to -4.00
0.25 steps Plano to -2.50
0.50 steps -2.50 to -4.00
Axis: 10-90-180

Here are the websites with more information. No facebook page yet but was told it will be launching soon. PDF WITH MORE INFORMATION