Hello I am new to the forum. I am currently trialling some Gp toric lenses. I have super high astigmatism. I tried and failed wearing standard Gp lens over 20 years ago and 5 years ago I tried soft torics but they didnít work as they moved out of centre and so the vision was poor. Optician suggests Gp torics. Vision is excellent but lens shifts around when blinking so not completely stable. She is ordering a new lens to try and stop the lens from moving so much. She thinks I may need to jury a few times before the fit is a good one. I canít get past about 5 to 5 hours of wear time which isnít good enough after which they are really uncomfortable and I canít wait to. remove them. I have a question for the forum. Is it feasible to ever get used to Gp lenses from a comfort perspective. I can always feel them in my eyes and so I am assuming there must be a point whereby the eyes get numb to them? I plan to wear them 5 days a week (office work) and give eyes a rest at weekend. I am not seeing the point of persevering with the fitting if I never get to the point where I canít feel them in my eyes. Any guidance much appreciated. Paul