I commenced a soft contact lens trial six days ago, following a new eye exam, and vision is very good. After two hours wear I started to get an ache on the temples, (rather than a full blown headache) and am aware that it takes time to get used to wearing lenses. The discomfort did not come on straight away, rather after a couple of hours. Could I ask if this is a normal sensation as I am just commencing use, or should I be concerned? The sensation is like a tightness in the temple area. Is this the muscles contracting to adjust?
I tried lenses a couple of years ago for distance and initially was ok but the prescription was changed and I had full blown headaches. This time I have been fitted with monovision, and as I say am on day six. The ache remains mild but came on.
I don't want to give in if this is usual or to be expected in some people. I have no direct irritation or eye pain.
I don't want to give up if this is going to improve.
Thank you