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  1. Stem Cell Transplant From Sister Helps Athletic Student See Again

    Taylor Binns was nearly blind by the time he met Allan Slomovic this fall at Toronto Western Hospital. A rare, extremely painful disorder that damages stem cells in the cornea had blurred his vision....
  2. What You Don't Know About Your Contacts

    Dirty or contaminated contacts can harbor bacteria that get into the eye, causing potentially serious (and sometimes vision-robbing) eye infections.

    Here are some general care tips:
    Wash your...
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    Small Incisions to Improve Sight

    It's all in the eyeball.

    That's where Dr. John Berdahl does his best work. He's part of a team of Sioux Falls surgeons who use a growing assortment of procedures to help patients regain the sharp...
  4. Opthamolagists Highlight Computer Vision Syndrome

    In this modern era of technology, though the computer has made life so much easier for us, it comes with its own set of health hazards.

    In what can be termed as a worrisome trend, the prolonged...
  5. Can Sunglasses Precent Lasery Eye Surgery?

    Sunglasses are usually thought of as just a fashion accessory, but in fact sunglasses are far more than this. Yes they do come in a range of styles, sizes and colours and of course many come with...
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    A Goft to Change a Life

    In this season of gift giving, many people will spend a lot of time at malls trying to find that perfect gift. For a young man who visited Colorado recently, the perfect gift wasn't something you...
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    Vision Revision for ADHD Diagnosis

    Once she starts reading, Katy Kluck can't stop. So mom was puzzled when Katy started struggling with schoolwork.

    "I couldn't really focus because there were so many questions on the page," says...
  8. Protect Yourself From Computer Vision Syndrome

    The drastic rise in cases of computer vision syndrome (CVS) in the past two years has become a cause for concern for Pune ophthalmologists.

    The cases are not only common among professionals who...
  9. Something New for People with Dry Eye Syndrome

    Jamie Harwood was a woman on the go, until she developed dry eye syndrome.

    "It really changed my life," she said.

    Her eyes got so painful she didn't want to leave home.

    "People stopped...
  10. E-readers a Good Gift for Those with Impaired Vision

    Know someone who has trouble seeing? A specialist at Greater Baltimore Medical Center has some gift ideas.

    Dr. Janet Sunness, medical director of GBMC’s Hoover Low Vision Rehabilitation Services,...
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    Ferrofluids Help You See Better

    US researchers have used ferrofluids as liquid pistons that could be used to make adjustable liquid lenses with nearly perfect spherical interfaces for applications such as an optometrist's...
  12. Make a New Year's Resolution to Schedule an Eye Exam

    As 2011 nears, many will be making New Year’s resolutions to improve their health. However, many may not be aware that an eye exam cannot only help to protect vision, it can uncover evidence of other...
  13. CABVI Helps People with Vision Loss Stay Independent

    At the reception desk for the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a sign requests for visitors to mention to the receptionist when they have arrived at the desk.

    This is...
  14. Adlens Uses SolidWorks Software to Sharpen Eyesight in the Developing World

    Easily correctable vision problems push scores of people from self-sufficiency into poverty every day in developing countries that might have only one eye care professional for every million...
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    Going on a Year-End Benefits Binge

    The receptionist gave Dawn Wentzell the bad news.

    “I was shocked that they were like, ‘She’s booked till January,’” Ms. Wentzell, a 30-year-old Internet marketer, says. She usually never has...
  16. Hard Cataract Removal no More a Tough Task

    Removing tough, dense, hard cataracts are no longer a challenging task for the eye surgeons. This was demonstrated at a live surgical workshop on "Phacoemulsification and Lasik" by noted...
  17. For These Children, Christmas Came Early

    Their Christmas wishlist did not include the latest gaming device or another Barbie doll. All they wanted were basic necessities: Spectacles that will not slip off or new school shoes to replace...
  18. A Second Look at Common Eye Problems and How to Treat Them

    A lot of people take their eyes for granted. Perhaps if we list down all the beautiful things we will miss if we lose our eyesight, we can appreciate our eyes better: The sunset, the trees, photos,...
  19. Coping with Allergies to Contact Lenses

    Your eyes begin to water, swell up and itch almost as soon as you insert your contact lenses. Talk to your eye doctor and contact lens prescriber because you may need a specific type of contact lens...
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    Bringing Focus to Her World

    Less than 24 hours since my laser eye surgery, I am back at Focus Eye Centre in Ottawa for one of several post-operation appointments. My eyes look droopy and are bloodshot, but my vision has never...
  21. A Little Knowledge Can Reduce High-Tech Risks

    Here's what you got for Christmas: Sick headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, nausea, and the possibility for even more serious ailments.

    Many of the most popular high-tech gifts have the potential...
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    Protect Those Peepers

    It’s easy to take our eyes for granted.

    Because they’re not like faces or teeth that need a scrub in the morning, most of us do little besides open our peepers to take in the sights. Still, eyes...
  23. LASIK Can Reduce Astigmatism After PK

    LASIK performed after penetrating keratoplasty reduced astigmatism and increased spectacle or contact lens tolerance, according to a study.

    Seventy-five eyes of 71 patients were included in the...
  24. Alcon and Novartis Agree to Merger Terms

    Alcon, Inc. announced today that its board of directors approved a merger agreement with Novartis AG, whereby Novartis will pay a total merger consideration valued at $168 per share for the Alcon...
  25. Making Eye Treatments Quick and Easy

    For most people, when they experience some eye strain, blurring of vision or some other problem with our eyes, their immediate action would be to see an optometrist in an optical shop thinking that...
  26. Veggies, Exercive Improve Vision in Women

    It's the same advice that mothers everywhere have been giving for years, but now there's science to back it up: Eating veggies is good for the eyes.

    A new study from the University of Wisconsin...
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    Eye Dangers You Should Not Ignore

    We tend to think that if it doesn’t hurt, it must be fine – but ignoring odd eye symptoms is a mistake. “There are no pain receptors in the eye, so if you’re seeing things but feel no pain it doesn’t...
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    Sexy Eyes Without Irritation

    The eyes are the windows of every people to see the world. However, the makeup which is usually used to make them look beautiful often makes them get eye irritation, such as sour eye, the tears dried...
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    Blindness Causes Poverty

    Research in Kenya, Bangladesh and the Philippines shows the earning capacity of poor people with cataracts increased significantly after eye surgery. The results add weight to arguments for...
  30. Many Consumers Prefer Evening and Weekend Hours for Vision Care

    An independent, national survey reveals 40 percent of consumers prefer to shop for and purchase vision correction services during evenings or weekends.

    The survey, commissioned by EyeMed Vision...
  31. Acupuncture Could Be Option to Treat Lazy Eye

    Acupuncture could be an alternative to eye patches or eye drops for older children with amblyopia, a common childhood vision problem more commonly known as "lazy eye," according to a study.

  32. Study Seeks Subjects to Opt for Eye Surgery

    A local surgeon is recruiting more than 50 patients for a clinical study to help reduce dependency on reading glasses.

    "It will give people the ability to see print with good light and function...
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    What's the True Cost of LASIK?

    Trusted LASIK Surgeons is pleased to announce its updated consumer resources concerning the cost of LASIK, including an enhanced LASIK Cost discussion as well a free report for consumers, our "LASIK...
  34. District Begins Tackling Student Vision Problems

    Moving to address health problems that can interfere with student performance, School District CEO Paul Vallas said that once parents sign permission forms, the District would secure eye exams and...
  35. Bausch and Lomb Issues Holiday Eye Care Advice

    Bausch and Lomb has provided some advice for parents on keeping children away from potential eye hazards during the Christmas holidays.

    Paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Sean Donahue, a member of the...
  36. Over Use Syndrome Hits Working Youth

    A new onslaught of diseases is wreaking havoc among young working professionals especially in the IT-BT sector. A recent city specific survey by a medical body comprising of ayurvedic and allopathic...
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    Eye Health: Eyes on the Road

    Ireland’s wet weather and winding rural roads present a challenge for drivers, especially those with poor eyesight. The loss of just a second’s braking time can make the difference between a safe...
  38. JCPenney Optical Announces Vision Care Benefits & Flex Spending Countdown

    JCPenney Optical has announced today they will be holding a Vision Care Benefits and Flexible Spending Countdown. There are less than 30 days left to use Vision Care Benefits or Flexible Spending and...
  39. 5 Questions About Lazy Eye in Children

    NAME: Dr. Alan McLin
    TITLE: Optometrist
    COMPANY: Morrison Eye Associates

    Q: What is lazy eye, and what is strabismus? Are they related conditions? If so, how?

    A: Lazy eye,...
  40. Unique Screening Process Proven to Address Deficiencies in School Vision Screening

    VTA announces the release of the latest version of VERA3™ (Visual Efficiency RAting) school vision screening software as well as a free program download, which can make the purchase of other vision...
  41. Opthamalic Insert Improved Eye Symptoms, Quality of Life

    A hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert minimized dry eye symptoms and improved quality of life in patients with moderate to severe dry eye syndrome in a recent study. The insert also showed...
  42. Competition Office Investigates Suspected Contact Lens Cartel

    Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) on Wednesday said it made unannounced on-site investigations at the offices of several companies on suspicion of cartel activity on the contact lens market on...
  43. Market Share Gains Help Cooper Report Strong End to Fiscal Year

    Cooper Companies COO reported strong fiscal fourth-quarter results, and we expect to slightly increase our value estimate as we transfer coverage to a new analyst.

    Cooper posted 11% revenue growth...
  44. Toric Lenses an Emerging Treatment Option for Myopic Astigmatism

    A toric implantable Collamer lens was successful in correcting moderate to high myopic astigmatism after 1 year of follow-up, according to a study.

    In the prospective, observational case series,...
  45. Tips to Keep Kids' Eyes Safe This Holiday Season

    In the midst of the excitement and chaos the holiday season brings, children's eye care will undoubtedly be one of the furthest things from parents' minds. However, it is important for parents to...
  46. Lather Up for National Hand Washing Awareness Week

    It’s a routine that we often take for granted, and we perform it several times a day without a blink of an eye. It’s what we do after mothers say, “Ew, don’t touch that!” or “I don’t know where your...
  47. Betty Walen: An Inspiration at Eye Bank

    For 25 years, volunteer Betty Walen was the heart of the University of Minnesota Lions Eye Bank.

    A transplant recipient herself, Walen performed administrative duties, but also counseled families...
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    Good Nutrition Can Save Your Sight

    Healthy eating can reduce not only health care costs, but also the deterioration of the quality of your eyesight for years to come. A 2009 study published in Ophthalmology has revealed that a...
  49. A Revolution in Glasses is Underway

    Reading glasses; bifocals; multifocals. So much of what characterizes what is politely termed "the third plateau" is related to the deterioration of eyesight. And there's a reason for that, says...
  50. Free Custom Glasses Serve as Learning Aid for Students

    Some Spokane elementary schoolchildren got a gift Thursday that many take for granted – good vision.

    Prevent Blindness America and Essilor Laboratories of America teamed up to give 51 Audubon...
  51. J&J Confirms Widely Expanded Contact Lens Recall

    Johnson & Johnson, which has been beset by product recalls, on Wednesday confirmed that it recalled nearly five times as many contact lenses as the 100,000 boxes it announced in August due to eye...
  52. Use it or Lose it: 5 Ways Employees Should Use FSA Money Now

    Employees will have to use up any remaining Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money by the end of the year – or lose it. Here are some ways to make sure no cash they’ve set aside goes to waste.

  53. Contact Lenses Lead to Eye Infections in Children

    Maria Lauer started wearing contacts for volleyball. She was meticulous in caring for them.

    "I cleaned mine every night. I always changed the solution before I put them in the case, and I cleaned...
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    Don't Take Your Sight for Granted

    How much time do you spend staring at the computer screen? Do you wear sunglasses outside? When was the last time you had your eyes checked? The answers to these questions may say a lot about the...
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    Don't Take Your Sight for Granted

    How much time do you spend staring at the computer screen? Do you wear sunglasses outside? When was the last time you had your eyes checked? The answers to these questions may say a lot about the...
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    Shocking New Stats on Eye Health

    Between staring at computer screens, video games, iPad’s and PDAs, are our eyes being over stimulated?

    According to a study done in the early 1970’s, only 25% of the U.S. population ages 12 to 54...
  57. Vistakon Launches Acuvue Advance Plus Contact Lens

    Vistakon has launched its Acuvue Advance Plus brand contact lenses with Hydraclear technology, the company announced in a press release.

    The Acuvue Advance Plus lens, which will gradually replace...
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    Lasers Used to Treat Cataracts

    “Laser treatment could make eye operations safer for the hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons who have cataract surgery each year,” the Daily Mail reported.

    The article is based on a study of...
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    New Laser Surgery Zaps Cataracts

    Using a laser to take apart a lens clouded by cataracts can make the tricky eye surgery easier and more precise, doctors reported on Wednesday.

    They employed a laser to break up the damaged lenses...
  60. Longer Wear Lens Can Mean More Doctor Visits

    Patients wearing monthly replacement contact lenses were more likely to visit their doctors with complaints about vision or lens comfort than those wearing the two-week type, according to study...
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    Tis' the Season for Dry Eye

    Winter is the season for celebration. The joy of Christmas trees, stockings and fires crackling in the hearth make the season bright. Unfortunately for many people, the colder weather and drier air...
  62. The LASIK Institute Extends 15% Off Discount to College Students

    The LASIK Vision Institute (LVI), one of America's leading providers of laser vision corrective services, is offering a program tailored specifically for college students. Prices for college students...
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    Kids and Contacts

    Some people might be surprised to learn there really is no age limit for when kids can wear contact lenses.

    Glasses in grade school are almost seen as a rite of passage for many children. And...
  64. Bausch and Lomb Contact Lens Designed to Reduce Glare, Halos

    Bausch + Lomb has introduced a monthly contact lens for reducing spherical aberration across the entirety of the power spectrum, according to a company press release.

    PureVision 2 with High...
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    B&L Files Suit Against CIBA Vision

    Bausch & Lomb Inc. is taking eye-care pharmaceutical rival Ciba Vision Corp. and its parent company, Novartis AG, to task for allegedly falsely disparaging Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu MultiPlus lens care...
  66. Many Indian Women Accessorize with Colored Contact Lenses

    While eyeglasses are often used as fashion accessories or to change a look, many young women in India are now changing their appearance and making fashion statements with colored contact lenses.
  67. Girl May Go Blind After Contact Lens Infection

    A 17-year-old girl is fighting against blindness in both eyes after developing a rare contact-lens related infection.

    Jade’s* corneas have been attacked by acanthamoeba, a very painful and...
  68. I ditched My Specs For Bifocal Implants

    For years Chris Robinson put up with his poor eyesight but the final straw came when he was working out in the gym. Lying on his back after completing a session of bench presses the mature student...
  69. Prebyopia Treatment Arsenal Includes Laser Techniques, Corneal Implants

    Refractive surgeons have a growing array of tools at their disposal to treat presbyopia as the baby boom generation enters the Medicare rolls, a surgeon said here. "Surgical correction of presbyopia...
  70. I ditched My Specs For Bifocal Implants

    For years Chris Robinson put up with his poor eyesight but the final straw came when he was working out in the gym. Lying on his back after completing a session of bench presses the mature student...
  71. Antibacterial Implant Coating May Better Adhere to Devices Using a Polymer Layer

    A research group at the University of South Australia has worked on developing techniques to permanently bind antibacterial coatings to medical devices — from orthopedic implants and catheters to...
  72. Bausch and Lomb to Recommend New Cleaning Method for Contact Lenses

    Bausch and Lomb is amending the directions for use of its multi-purpose contact lens solutions to include a recommendation for a "rub and rinse" regimen of cleaning and disinfection.

    The company...
  73. Computer Screen May Be to Blame for Blurry Vision

    re you bothered by tired eyes and blurry vision? You may think you just need some more shut-eye, but the real cause could be staring you in the face.

    Stacy Jansen, 23, never suffered from vision...
  74. Cheap Reading Glasses Could Damage Your Eyes

    A recent article in the consumer magazine ‘Which’ caught my eye this month. It asked a question that is often asked during an eye examination – “Do shop bought ‘ready-readers’ damage your eyesight?”...
  75. Blind Babies Foundation: Vision of Hope

    For nine months, Porterville resident Ines Camarena waited for her baby to be born. And when the day finally arrived, never did she imagine that her precious baby would have vision problems. By the...
  76. Kids May Have Vision Problems Parents Don't Know About

    Long before he was president and CEO of premier eye clinic George Optical, Geoffrey Co was a helper in the company founded 50 years ago by his father, George Co.

    With the vision to provide premium...
  77. Piggyback Lens Corrects Residual Refractive Error in Pseudophakic Eyes

    A piggyback toric lens corrected residual refractive error in a group of pseudophakic eyes, a study found.

    The study included eight eyes of five pseudophakic patients implanted with a STAAR toric...
  78. New Cataract Surgery Offers Many Patients Freedom From Glasses

    According to the National Eye Institute, more than 20 million Americans have a developing cataract. While cataracts are quite common and can be corrected with safe and effective surgery, many people...
  79. Eye Implant Breakthrough: Scientific Advances Towards Blindness Cure

    Stem cells grown on contact lenses could be a cure for a common cause of blindness, claim scientists. Australian researchers said that the world breakthrough could "dramatically improve" the sight of...
  80. Some Important Visual Problems in Children

    The special senses perform important functions in enabling children to develop, enjoy life and perform to the optimum potential that the individual is born with. It is a process that goes on right...
  81. Pioneering Surgery Helping Blind to See

    Second phase trials have started across Europe into pioneering eye surgery that allows some blind people to see.

    The technology is the result of 15 years' work by researchers at the University of...
  82. EyeGate Pharma Awarded Grants Totalling Nearly $1 Million

    EyeGate Pharma, the leader in non-invasive ocular drug delivery, today announces that they have received four Federal grants totaling nearly $1 Million. The funded programs focus on the continued...
  83. Silicone Hydrogel Contacts Now Available in Custom Designs

    If you’ve been wanting to wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses but couldn’t because they weren’t available in your prescription, your wait is over: Custom-made silicone hydrogel lenses are now...
  84. Air Optix for Astigmatism Contact Lenses Are Now Available in Expanded Parameters

    AIR OPTIX® for ASTIGMATISM contact lenses are now available in one of the widest in-stock parameter ranges of any silicone hydrogel toric lens, resulting in increased patient coverage from 88% to...
  85. RegeneRx Reports Positive Results of Non-Clinical Dry Eye Study

    RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company, has announced the results of its non-clinical dry eye study using RGN-259, its ophthalmic, preservative-free eye drop for the treatment of...
  86. Novartis Wins Case to Sell Contact Lenses in France

    Contact lenses manufacturer Novartis has won a case against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to sell contact lenses in France.

    Novartis had fought to protect its right to sell extended wear...
  87. Health Officials Issue Warning on Theatrical Contact Lenses

    Theatrical contact lenses might be scary for Halloween, but they can be scarier if they were obtained without a prescription and lead to blindness.

    The Rhode Island Department of Health is...
  88. Contact Lenses May Reduce Night Vision

    An Australian researcher says drivers wearing multifocal contact lenses that correct an inability to focus on up close items may make driving at night harder.

    Byoung Sun Chu, Ph.D -- formerly of...
  89. Electronic Business Tools and LCD Screens Creating Vision Strain for Most People

    Many busy business professionals put in a lot of face time with electronic screens, not just computers but smart phones, iPads and a host of other important devices for business. These bright LCD...
  90. What are the Dangers of Bifocal Use?

    When you suffer from presbyopia, you have difficulty focusing on objects up close. This condition typically appears after you turn 40 and is considered a natural part of the aging process of the eye,...
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    Allergies in Sight

    When you think of allergies, you think of sinuses, nose or lungs reacting to airborne allergens and pollutants. Your eyes are just as vulnerable. Apart from pet dander and medicine, dust, pollutants,...
  92. Watering Eyes Can Still Mean Dry Eye Treatment is Needed

    It sounds ironic, but if your eyes are constantly watering, you still may need chronic dry eye treatment. People who are experiencing too much tear being produced, which is obvious by the fact that...
  93. Toric Contact Lenses - Your Option for Astigmatism

    Many eye doctors are asked the question: what is astigmatism? The term for the common vision problem is actually astigmatism; and can come from one of two irregularities in the eye. The condition of...
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    War Eye Injuries

    Military Casualties/Deaths

    The United States military has fought in several wars around the globe in the last 100 years. According to the Congressional Research Service, in World War I...
  95. Astigmatism and Contact Lenses - A Good Fit?

    Blurring or distortion of images at any distance, headache, fatigue, eye discomfort or irritation leading to squinting...if any of these sound familiar to you, there may be the possibility that you...
  96. Vistakon, American Optometric Foundation Announce Fellowship and Grant Recipients

    Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., and the American Optometric Foundation (AOF), announced recipients of the Vistakon Ezell Fellowship program and AOF-Vistakon Research...
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    Foods That Are Good For Dry Eyes

    Believe it or not, nutritious and healthy foods are beneficial to even the smallest areas of your body, including the tear film layer of your eyes. When this tear film layer functions inadequately,...
  98. Science Starts Catching Up with Harry Potter

    On the eve of part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, scientists are pitching in to help make the real world a bit more magical. Except of course, they’re using empirical data and facts and...
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    "Pregnancy Affected My Eyesight"

    When ITV’s Loose Women host Jackie Brambles became pregnant at 39, she fully expected the morning sickness, ¬ swollen ankles and fatigue. What she didn’t expect, however, was for her eyes to be...
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    Supplements That Cause Dry Eyes

    Dry eye is a condition characterized by inadequate tear production, with symptoms currently afflicting up to 33 million Americans. Tears, composed of water, fatty oils, proteins and electrolytes,...
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